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Commercial Dilapidation Reporting

Commercial property is a big asset, so it’s important that you do everything in your power to protect it when construction and renovation works are taking place. With plenty of factors, facilities and aspects that must be considered to maintain the integrity of your property, it’s vital that you and your contractors are on the same page before any development work commences.

Prepared by our team of expert Dilapidation Report specialists, our reporting and documentation will cover every corner of your property to ensure that all risk factors, existing damage and potential threats are analysed prior to construction. This can not only protect your commercial property from unexpected damage but can alleviate any financial burden due to negligence on the part of contractors.

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    While many companies can carry out surveys and reporting, it is always best to trust a Dilapidation Expert, especially when managing large scale, costly commercial properties. This way, you can rest easy knowing that no building foundations, retaining walls, or fittings are missed during an inspection. Our expert reporting and documentation also use photographic evidence to communicate any existing faults or damage to contractors. With this knowledge, they are able to avoid causing further damage.

    Our team at Dilapidation Report Sydney are committed to helping commercial property owners from across Greater Sydney. Servicing all suburbs and building types, no job is too difficult for our professionals. More than this, we are passionate about communicating with you throughout the entire process, so you are guaranteed the best support and service on the market.

    What will my Dilapidation Report entail?

    We can provide you with a pre-construction commercial dilapidation report, post-construction commercial dilapidation report or both.

    During a pre-dilapidation report, we will deeply analyse your property and surrounding amenities, including kerbs and retaining walls, for any faults, damage or risks. All of this information will later be presented in a well-formatted document that will protect your property in the event of further damage. This report stands as a governing document and can be used to alleviate the financial burden of further maintenance and repairs.

    In a similar way, a post-dilapidation report allows us to inspect your property directly after a construction or renovation job has been completed. It is a quick and effective way to document any damage that may have occurred due to heavy machinery and construction tools. But more importantly, our photographic evidence can support you in the event that you need to make or mediate a claim.

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