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Property Survey

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    Commercial Property Condition Report

    A commercial dilapidation report focuses on existing defects such as cracking, separation, water ingress, subsidence and general deterioration to assets such as walls, ceilings, floor coverings, fixtures, stairwells and any other significant structures.

    The intention of the commercial property survey is to document existing conditions and defects and provide a visual reference in the event a building experiences any adverse effects from adjacent construction works.

    Industrial Property Condition Report

    An industrial dilapidation report focuses on assets such as floor slabs, soffits, walls and cladding. In addition, high resolution imagery is captured of any structures that may be susceptible to movement or vibration caused by adjacent construction works.

    Residential Property Condition Report

    A residential dilapidation survey involves capturing high resolution imagery of the general condition of the home, highlighting any notable defects such as cracking, separation or water ingress. Any cracks and/or defects are documented and can be reassessed periodically (if necessary) to detect any further movement or change in conditions.

    The benefits of a homeowner obtaining a property survey and building condition report is to protect their assets, with the report aimed to protect the stakeholder should any damage occur during the period of the adjacent construction works.

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