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Industrial Dilapidation Report

Industrial factories and warehouses are multi-million dollar investments. So, you don’t want to lose thousands in fees and insurance if your property is damaged at the fault of a construction worker. With so many intrinsic elements, powerful tools and an abundance of heavy equipment on your site, even the smallest damage, such as a hole in your roof can lead to thousands and thousands of lost capital.

Prepared by our team of experts at Dilapidation Report Sydney, our dilapidation reports act as a governing body between you, the owner of your property and any contractors who will be facilitating construction or renovation work. Holding power as a mitigation tool in court or in the event of claims, this report can cover your integrity and ensure that the responsible party takes ownership of any potential damages that arise due to their work.

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    Though most suburbs and councils in Greater Sydney already require dilapidation reports to be carried out before large scale construction work, our team at Dilapidation Report Sydney highly recommends that you have them carried out, even when not required by law. Though most companies are reputable and responsible, it will be your biggest asset against an accident or dishonest contractor.

    Plus, when you work with our team to acquire your industrial dilapidation report, you are guaranteed only the best of the best. With expert surveyors, architects and engineers on board, you can rest assured that we know our work inside and out.

    What will my Dilapidation Report entail?

    When you work with our highly experienced team at Dilapidation Report Sydney, we can help you facilitate a pre-construction dilapitation report, a post-construction dilapidation report or both. While receiving both can ensure that your property is left in the best condition, we recommend that at minimum, you conduct a pre-construction inspection.

    During a pre-constrction dilapidation report, our team will analyse all of your machinery and industrial facilities with a keen eye for detail. We will make note of any present faults or risks and note this to the contractors in a report. This report will all be documented with photographic evidence and will serve as authoritative proof in the event of future claims.

    Similarly, a post-construction dilapidation report will entail a detailed report of the status of your property. It will take place immediately after construction has finalised to locate any faults or damage.

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