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If you’re planning on having any type of construction work done on your home, a dilapidation report is a MUST. Not only do most councils across NSW now require an accurate survey to be carried out before any construction work commences, but it can also ensure that your assets are protected in the event of damage or poor construction work practices.

As a governing document, it is an agreement between yourself and your builder on the current state of your home and any pre-existing damage. While many companies can survey the status of a home, having a specialised dilapidation surveyor on your team will guarantee that every nook, cranny and corner is checked, so you won’t be left in the dark in the event of an accident.

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    That’s where our team at Dilapidation Report Sydney come in.

    Committed to taking the time necessary to inspect your asset and your surrounding neighbours’ homes, we have the knowledge and documentation skills to discover any areas which may create issues for your construction project to avoid any irreversible damage.

    Our team of engineers, architects and surveyors work across Greater Sydney and surrounding suburbs to assist a wide variety of homeowners and residential property owners who are looking to guarantee the security of their asset prior to construction. To us, no residential dilapidation reporting project is too big or too small. In fact, we embrace all kinds of challenges and properties and don’t believe that any home is too difficult to evaluate.

    What will my Dilapidation Report entail?

    Whether you choose to conduct a pre-construction dilapidation report or a post-construction dilapidation report, we will conduct a detailed survey that includes photographic documentation and evidence of all matters addressed. Any damage or concerns noticed before construction will be noted and raised to all involved parties to verify the condition of your property before work commences and protect your asset against damage.

    In a similar way, a post-construction dilapidation report will analyse any changes in the state of your home after construction has been finalised. If your project has impacted any kerbs or retaining walls, this will give the relevant tools needed to mitigate any claims. If any further damage has occurred to your personal property, it can provide you with the tools needed to make a claim and alleviate the cost burden from your hands.

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    on your Dilapidation Report?

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